A late 19th-century taxidermy found in a French mansion. Sealed for over a century

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Two stuffed frogs with "human attitudes" play out a miniature battle in a work by a Parisian taxidermist, Mantin. This childless bachelor who died at 54 was very afraid to be forgotten. By giving his house to the town of Moulins, he wanted to stay in their memories. After 100 years his house was finally opened and scientists found one of the funniest miniatures scenes ever.

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3 komentarze

  1. I believe you have details of the story mixed up.
    Mantin was the owner of that House in Moulin. Which had to be opened after 100 years as stated in his last will. In that House they found this work with the 2 frogs, which was made by a parisian taxidermist.
    Mantin was NOT the taxidermist nor did he do the "battle of the frogs"

    1. I'd like to know how you know of this story?
      Seems so ood but fascinating I'd like to know more about mantin as a man and why would someone request a house not to be opened for 100 years rather peculiar isn't it? And the taxidermist..! what possesses someone to do that as a hobby or a living Haha,I bet they've had very interesting lifes.

  2. I have a new hobby to share with Florida's invasive Cuban tree frogs.