Hunting Knife Combined with Wheellock Pistol, 1530

Plate with Wife Beating Husband, Made in Dinant or Malines, Netherlands, ca. 1480

A Roman ‘Swiss Army’ knife?

Egyptian rock crystal ring with a sphinx

The Da Vinci Globe, dated 1504, the oldest known globe to show the New World.

A late 19th-century taxidermy found in a French mansion. Sealed for over a century

Galo-roman statue with removable top ;)

Galileo and the telescope

Amazing Lion Armour of King Henry II

Napoleon’s three chamber box lock pistol, 1802

Hundreds of romand gold coins under a theater.

The Hindsgavl Dagger (Denmark, 1900-1700 BC). This Neolithic flint dagger is considered amongst the most beautiful examples of Scandinavian flint knapping

Amazing Hercules Armor of Maximilian II of Austria


Indian mortar shaped like a tiger, 1770

Caligula's ring