Collection of historical artifacts

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Axe of Pharaoh Ahmose, Egypt, c. 1539–1514 BCE

Details made of stone on Sidi Saiyyed Mosque,1573

Remains of a soldier killed during the Battle of Waterloo with a musket ball found inside the soldier’s ribcage

Crown of Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachos, circa 1042

Iron slave collar, Roman. Fourth century CE

Greek sling-shot with the inscription ΔΕΞΑΙ (DEXAI) which means "Catch!". 4thC BC

Corinthian helmet from the Battle of Marathon (490 BC) found in 1834 (with the skull inside)

Ancient Roman folding multi-tool device. The tool features a knife, a spoon, a three-tined fork, a spike, a spatula, and a small

Dental work on a Mummy from ancient Egypt dated to 2000 BC
An artificial toe from Egypt - world's first medical prosthetic
Jade Burial Suit of Princess Dou Wan, wife of prince Liu Sheng, late 11th century BC
Viking's iron helmet from Gjermundbu, c. 10th century

Gold & Ruby Seal Ring, Mesopotamia

The bloodstained coat of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (WWI)

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