True colours of ancient sculptures

The zweihänder sword that belonged to Grutte Pier (1480-1520), Friesian pirate and warlord.

2000 years old die from Egypt (with 20 sides)

Unfinished obelisk in Aswan (Egypt) - largest known ancient obelisk, 1500 years old.

Collection of historical artifacts

Walls of Saksaywaman - magnificent example of Inca masonry.

Garum - ancient roman's ketchup

Meet the Romans

Pireus Lion: ancient greek sculpture with viking runic inscriptions made in 11th century. Now in Venice.

An Egyptian floor mosaic depicting a dog and a knocked-over gold vessel. c. 200-100 BC

Gobekli Tepe: where the religion was born.

The horn of the last aurochs bull, which died in 1620