Asking for some help

3:41 PM

Hi Artifact lovers!

Few years ago I have started r/artefactporn, a small subreddit dedicated to all lovers of history. Since then the subreddit grew to huge community on reddit, facebook and blogger. Thank you!

You might notice that currently I am not publishing anything on reddit, blogspot or facebook. This is due to fact that currently I am in very bad situation due to health and work problems. From April 2018 my personal situation became negative, therefore I cannot post often. With serious health problems I was not able to work in previous workplace. With worse health I had lost the job I loved, so now I am in worse financial situation. Hoping that one day it will become better, I would ask you for small help to get through problems.

If you would like to support me and help me, please support me by smallest amount. All help appreciated.

With love,

Museum of Artifacts

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