Roman sword found in Poland

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In 1960 a director of local basic school gave sword to the authotities recently found by a schooboy. Shortly after archeology excavations started. Archeologic teams have found rather unique grave of local warlord of Przeworsk culture from third century ad.

In second century AD wars held between romans and germans on the north borders of Roman Empire were brutal and expensive. One of the remaining relic from that fights was a grave of a young, wealthy warrior excavated in Podlodowa village, south ease of Poland. Not only sword was found - but also umbo, remains of spear, spurs.

What is surprising, the sword found few hundred kilometers from furthest north border of SPQR empire was that he was incrusted with copper depictions of roman gods: Mars (god of war) and Victoria. The sword was found bended, so the burrial of warrior was glamorous. As the sword shows signs of high quality, high craftsmanship and symbolism it is rather likely that it was bought from roman traders. It was probably instead captured or looted during fight. Grave finidings dated at 3rd century AD must have belonged to a horse warrior (as the items found suggest). He must have been a wealthy man, as only the wealthiests were able to obtain horse equipment and - the most expensive - high quality sword which was not only a life saving tool, but also a symbol of wealth and power. 

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